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Barry Goodman

Barry Goodman
London / England / U.K.

Barry Goodman originally intended to become an architect, but thankfully decided to pursue a career in design and illustration. Watch Barry discuss his inspiration and his design process (the video is awesome).

Where in the world inspires you: London. Without a doubt, London. I find it totally inspirational and a hotbed of creativity. The energy and creativity is infectious, even in the driving rain! The thing that makes London unique is the constant visual stimulation. 

Favourite theme to work with: Definitely transport, especially retro transport. I’m best known for my prints of London buses, taxis and cars, to the point where now I’m often referred to as ‘The Bus Man’. This city has such a rich history when it comes to vehicles and many have become iconic. What represents London better than a black cab or a red double decker?

(Barry Goodman interview courtesy of Bamarang)