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Sussex / New Jersey / USA

Maria Adelmann grew up in the small town of Wantage, New Jersey. Her interest in books includes typography, grammar, and book jacket design.  She considers herself a "kind of book-oriented, Renaissance woman." Her illustrations are of books both modern and classic.

Favorite book: Since high school, I have always come back to The Things They Carried by Tim O'Brien. It's not just a book about the Vietnam War, but about how to express emotional truth through fiction.

Best card ever received: I love letterpress cards. My best friend from college once sent me a letterpress holiday card that said "how to eat a snowman." The snowman was part of a snow cone, sashimi, and a margarita. It was especially funny because we had built a pretty creative tree-impaled snowman in college, and it was a great reminder of the fun we had.

Favorite recipe: I have eaten a lot of brownies in my life, and so far the winning recipe is the Fudge Brownies from the children's alphabet cookbook put out by Gold-Medal flour. My mission is to distribute this recipe far and wide so that it is available wherever I go. The "secret" ingredient is adding extra unmelted chocolate chips right before baking, to create delicious bites of gooey, semi-solid chocolate chips. Also, an 8"x8" square pan achieves the perfect consistency.