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Fifty Five Hi's

Fifty Five Hi's

Wilton / Connecticut/  USA

Ross Moody started 55 Hi’s to spread inspiring quotes and clever ideas. He began screenprinting designs by hand in his apartment at night as a creative outlet for enjoyment, and discovered what he loved about design and what he wanted from his time; making people smile.  

Favorite Book: "It’s tough to pick just one so I’m gonna be a rebel and pick two. One is The Stand by Stephen King and the other is probably The Passage by Justin Cronin. Those two stick out quite a bit but I’m probably missing a great one. I think I just like apocalyptic books."

Best Card Ever Received: "Ya know, it’s odd, for owning a greeting card company, I sure don’t receive many greeting cards. It probably feels redundant. I got a great Bald Guy Greetings card one time though. Their humor and style is right up my alley."

Favorite Food: "Pizza x 1,000. I eat it pretty much every day and it doesn’t seem to get old. Cheese pizza is never the same twice. I like comparing it from different places. It’s probably nostalgia but I still haven’t found a slice I like more than Tonino’s in Harrisburg, PA where I grew up."