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Grey Cardigan

Grey Cardigan

Lakewood / Ohio / USA

For Brian Jasinski, Grey Cardigan is the marriage of his graphic design career and his love for fine art, fashion, illustration, and interior design. His designs incorporate a reverence for the colors, patterns and fashion of the 1920s-1960s.  

Best card ever received: One of my favorite cards still on display in my office was sent to me from a friend after my annual holiday party. It is a beautifully letter-pressed card by Cardiology that reads: “I Love Your Parties – Especially The Ones I Remember”

Favorite card from collection: This is a tough one - it's like picking your favorite child! I am very fond of A BRIEF NOTE. That seems to be the card that catches people’s eyes and makes them smile. That is the sign of a successful card. Quick read and a smirk!

Favorite Meal: Provide me with blue corn chips & salsa and I am a happy lad.