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Honizukle Press

Honizukle Press

Kansas City / Kansas / USA

Honizukle Press (pronounced Honeysuckle) is a small letterpress and design studio founded by Kimberly Costa.  Using a beautiful press, affectionately named Charlotte, Kimberly's days are spent balancing time between sketching, printing and taking care of her two young boys.

Her little boys are woven into her process from beginning to end -- she gains inspiration from their clothes, toys, books, and the things they say.

Every time you hold one of her products, you're not only holding something made completely by hand, but you're also holding a little bit of her family as well!

Best card ever received: The very first Mother's Day card I received from my husband and baby son. I had just had my baby a month before and was feeling the joy of our new family. It was one of the most beautiful messages my husband ever wrote in a card and it certainly made me cry.

Favorite book: My favorite book is difficult to decide... There's a book I read every year or so because I love it very much and that's One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez. However, the Harry Potter series is a set of books I read all the time and I even have on audio. Now that's love!

Favorite food: For a while I'm into steak, then I'm into tacos, then into burgers but the one thing that I never tire of and always want is ICE CREAM!