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Ruff House Art

Ruff House Art

Lawrence / Kansas / USA

Ruff House Art is a letterpress stationery brand & design studio founded in 2009 by designer, Jill Shephard, and operated with web developer & photographer, Brian Shephard.

Favorite card from your collection: This is a tough question. I typically say each new card I design is my new favorite! But will narrow it down to say that the Garden Collection is my favorite collection of cards and more specifically the Carrot Card. Everything about the card is beautiful from the handmade paper to the design and letterpress. 

Best card ever received: My Mother-In-Law is known for sending over the top cards with glitter, pop ups, stickers, etc and it is always fun to get cards from her and wonder what awesomeness is within the envelope! 

Favorite restaurant, meal or drink: Not sure I could pick a favorite restaurant, but mashed potatoes have to be my favorite food. My granny makes the world's greatest mashed potatoes. And I could drink coffee all day!