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Our Story

our story - Stargrass Paper Co

My mom always had this obsession with stationery – overflowing cabinets, bursting out of nooks. When I went to college, I found myself in a bookstore ogling over the texture and colors of their papers, and soon joined my mother on trips to find the best cards and the finest stationery.

How do we define the best? 

The Quality – the feel of the paper in your hand 

The Craftsmanship – most often using techniques pioneered long ago

A Distinctive Voice and Strong Visuals – a great card or piece of stationery should woo and excite you with possibilities.

The best will inspire you to reach out to long-lost friends, throw that backyard magazine-spread summer party with the just-right invites, tell your parents what they really mean to you, or send a love letter to a complete stranger.

Which brings us back to Stargrass Paper Co.

My mom and I live on opposite ends of the country, and one day she flew out for a visit. I know of this great paper store about 3 hours drive from my house, so we drove the 3 hours to the store, fell in love with many items, had a quick lunch and drove 3 hours back later that day. Saying we love this kind of thing is really underestimating our passion.

But it can be difficult to find that perfect paper store – you know the one you walk into and gasp with sheer joy. So we decided to create the kind of store we’re always looking for and make it accessible to everyone via the web. We hope our site makes you gasp with glee, and inspires you to reach out to those around you with paper joy today.

Our Vision

Paper lovers around the world will use our instruments of correspondence to mark momentous occasions and celebrate the daily joys of life.


Sell the finest instruments of correspondence from around the world, with a focus on quality, craftsmanship, artistic visuals, and distinctive voice. 

Provide a sense of discovery and exceptional customer experience.

Make decisions about purchasing, shipping, and products with a consideration for our environment and global communities.